Industrial Engineering Residing in Healthcare

Healthcare has a history of holding itself separate from the rest of industry. Given time, it does borrow from the knowledge of other fields. Industrial engineering is one of the fields being used to reorganize and improve healthcare providers, institutions, and processes. The improvements from this field saves money, time, and lives. While the field of Industrial engineering is massive, systems engineering in healthcare is a much more focused niche. In this composition, I have focused on a few key institutions, job positions, and professionals who compose the nature of the field within healthcare industry.

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This niche is a wonderful blend of the practicality nature of industrial engineering with the purpose filled nature of healthcare’s drive brought on by the Hippocratic oath. Its purposed practicality makes this niche particularly attractive. I am drawn to systems engineering in healthcare as it serves the greater purpose of healthcare by improving the use of resources rather than the addition of resources.

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