Statistical Process Control Analysis of Health & Safety Measures

CAUTI - catheter acquired urinary tract infection
FMC Specimen Labeling C Chart Current Specimen Labeling C ChartHistorical Specimen labeling C chart

These charts are part of a larger analysis I conducted for a healthcare system. While at HSyE, I produced many control charts of a hospital’s Health and Safety measures. Discovering when and where Improvements and mistakes were made.

  • Objective: Create statistical process control charts to analyze data to discover trends, issues, and improvements made to the system.
  • Skills demonstrated: A strong ability to use Statistical process control methods, data analysis, and excel.
  • Challenges: a lot of the data required scrubbing and break down data sets to create meaningful analysis.
  • Outcomes: From this analysis, I created a power point presentation that was presented to the board to show the utility of SPC methods and the true condition of the hospital through the lens of Health and Safety.



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