Process Mapping Of a Multi-provider, Multi-department Healthcare Process

The current state process map of a healthcare system
The current state process map of a healthcare system

This PDF is of a process map of a multi system process for perioperative care. Perioperative care is the care before an operation that is required by the anesthesiologist to perform a safe and successful surgeries. The process can branch multiple departments and levels of expertise including, but not limited to the perioperative care center, cardiology, outpatient testing, surgeon’s department, anesthesiology, and the patient’s primary care physician.

  • Objective: discover the true process and locate issues with the current process.
  • Skills demonstrated: this project required clean logical thinking, people skills, and process mapping. This map was later presented to the department head so I had to make the material as clear as possible. For this, I used the tool Blue works live, and process modeling tool.
  • Challenges: since this project required input from multiple people whom were very busy; I had to carefully navigate and negotiate to acquire the information I needed.
  • Outcomes: this map was used as justification by the health system to have to Rapid process improvement workshops to solve key issues uncovered and investigate and define other non-standardized parts of the process

For your viewing convenience, here is a higher resolution PDF of the Process Map: Perioperative Care Process


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