It is interesting to see that in any debate or argument; two sides are always polarized against each other. In all confrontations, only two sides appear in the grand scheme. In a war with more than two sides, there is a weakened balance that easily collapses under the weight of confrontation.

Under such confrontation, weakness either binds together to match the greatest threat or is crushed. Any singularity formed quickly tears itself apart through humanity’s innate ability to find differences. Only under a two sided battle is a resemblance of balance created. Yet, under this mantra that balance is a style of trench warfare. A tower leaning and imperceptibly building momentum  until gravity breaks the hold and shatters the pieces of the argument after a single moment of wholeness.  This is the nature of a world where voices may be crushed and power is gained from crushing them.

The internet does not work this way.

Designed to replicate at the whim of the audience. The best actor holds the stage only for as long as they hold the attention.  The fight is continuous, but never defeating. Attempts only die for lack of effort over time. The result is a never ending improvements.

This is my attempt.

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